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Latest News

LBTT for Leases: Avoiding the Pitfalls Posted

LBTT for Leases:  Avoiding the PitfallsLBTT for leases is a complicated business. Do you know landlords can be fined if returns are not undertaken timeously? Find out what's required and get advice from Innes Johnston, Solicitors to avoid the common pitfalls. Read more

Immigration - Right to Remain Posted

Immigration - Right to RemainJust married and plan to live in the UK with your new spouse? Remember to apply for the right to remain. Innes Johnston, Solicitors can assist you with your application. Read more

Brexit: An Update for EU Citizens Posted

Brexit: An Update for EU CitizensBrexit: An update for EU Citizens - Innes Johnston, Solicitors, Fife are here to help you through the transition period while the UK departs the EU. If you need advice on how to apply for settled status through the settlement scheme please contact us. Read more

ADS - Is your property purchase eligible for tax?Purchasing investment property in Scotland generally attracts ADS tax, but there may be relief or the possibility of a refund depending on your circumstances. Innes Johnston's conveyancing staff are trained to assist you with your tax implications. Read more

Immigration - Entry Clearance Posted

Immigration - Entry Clearance  Immigration - Entry Clearance – Fiancé(e) Visa Meeting someone on holiday, or online, when they live abroad can mean the potential for a long-distance relationship. However, at some point relationships develop, marriage becomes a possi…  Read more

Latest News

Immigration - British Citizenship

Immigration | British Citizenship | How do you naturalise as a British Citizen? Do you know the rules and legal requirements? If you need legal assistance with your immigration application or queries, Innes Johnston, Solicitors can help.

Leasing - Verbal Agreements

Private Rented Tenancy Agreements versus Verbal Agreements. Is a written Contract necessary to create a lawful Lease? Is an oral Tenancy Agreement legally binding?