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Landlord Registration Posted

Landlord RegistrationIf you are a landlord in Scotland, you are required to be registered with the local authority. We can assist Landlords with the registration process and guide them through setting up their tenancy properly and lawfully. Read more

Guardianship - When is a Guardian required?  How do I apply to become a Guardian?A guardian is needed when an Adult loses capacity and has no Power of Attorney in place. If your family member is affected, then you may be considering applying to be appointed as their guardian. Read more

Calling all Landlords...Are you complying with new legislation?Are Landlords aware of, and complying with, the new legislation introduced by the recent Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Act 2016? What change has this made to private residential tenancies and what is the effect on private landlords? Read more

World of Work Week Posted

World of Work WeekParkhill Primary School - P5 Our Jacqueline Mitchell has been out in the community meeting with the children in P5 at Parkhill Primary School.  They had fun seeing how conveyancing deeds from the old Sasine Register were meticulously handwritten and …  Read more

Tenancy Deposits: Landlord's money? Posted

Tenancy Deposits:  Landlord's money?Are you a Landlord?  Do you know the valid deductions from the Tenancy Deposit to cover repairs and/or outstanding rent arrears?   There are a number of myths and questions surrounding private tenancies.  It is our intention to tackle some …  Read more

Latest News

I don't need a Will, or do I?

Many people don't make a Will as they believe that the state will always ensure that their nearest and dearest will inherit their estate as they would expect. However, this is not always the case. Read on to find out more.

Making A Will

Making a Will - Why it's important to have a Will - Myths about automatic inheritance - Cohabitants' intestacy limited rights