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Leasing - Notice Period

Leasing - Notice Period

Private Rented Tenancy Agreement – How much notice is required?


It’s been over 6 months since the new PRTA (Private Rented Tenancy Agreement) commenced.  Since then, a question which seems to be cropping up a lot is:   


Do I have to give tenants 84 days notice to leave the property?

Yes, if your tenancy started on or after the 1st December 2017 and at least six months have elapsed since commencement then you will need to give your tenant 84 days’ notice to leave the property (unless they have breached certain terms of their tenancy agreement). 


However, there are certain exemptions to the rule:-

  • If the tenant has been living in the property for less than 6 months the notice period should be 28 days.
  • There are also certain statutory grounds (reasons) when only 28 days’ notice must be given.


If the tenancy is a Short Assured Tenancy which started on or before the 30th November 2017 then the notice period will either be 14 days or 2 months, depending on the grounds (reasons) for the notice.


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