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World of Work Week

World of Work Week

Parkhill Primary School - P5

DXDUcejW0AUqxl1.jpgOur Jacqueline Mitchell has been out in the community meeting with the children in P5 at Parkhill Primary School.  They had fun seeing how conveyancing deeds from the old Sasine Register were meticulously handwritten and bound by being hand-stitched with thread, compared to the new electronic and downloadable electronic Title Sheets.  The world has changed a lot when it comes to how legal services are provided and legal work undertaken these days, but the examination of title is relatively the same.  Mrs Mitchell says "It was fantastic to see the children taking an interest and their questions were very well articulated and showed a real enthusiasm for the subject matter". 

We hope that the children will benefit from all contributors to World of Work Week and gives them an insight into the working world around them.

We wish them a very bright future.

If our Jacqueline Mitchell, or her colleagues in the Property Department can help with a residential or commercial conveyancing matter, then please get in touch with your nearest office.


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