If you contact us we will be able to quote to you a fixed fee for buying or selling your house or other conveyancing work. As already stated, the amount of our fees and outlays may change if there is a complication in your case, a change of instruction or considerably more work than first anticipated but we will let you know if that is the case.

As an example of a fixed fee, our fee for purchasing an average value house (between £100,000 and £150,000) is £645 plus VAT of £129 and outlays. The outlays will include dues to Registers of Scotland. At the time of writing those are £260 for registering the title, £20 for registering an advance notice and if you are taking out a mortgage, £80 to register the mortgage. (Please note that those outlays are set by Registers of Scotland and are increased from time to time. Up to date amounts can be found here).  We will charge a CHAPS fee of £30 to transfer funds from our account to that of the seller or their solicitors.

Please note that your purchase may be subject to LBTT (Land and Buildings Transaction Tax) and ADS (Additional Dwelling Supplement tax). These are not outlays as such, but taxes imposed by the Scottish Government. We will arrange payment if you are able to place us in funds. For information on the amount of tax payable please see the LBTT tax calculator and information on ADS.

For a sale, our fixed fee for selling an average value house shall be £595 plus VAT of £119 and outlays. There will be outlays payable to the Registers of Scotland, including £80 to register a discharge of any mortgage or loan secured against the property and £20 for registering an advanced notice (Please note that those outlays are set by Registers of Scotland and are increased from time to time. Up-to-date amounts can be found here. We will charge a CHAPS fee of £30 for transferring money from our account to a mortgage provider. We may have to instruct a search on the Registers database and the fee for that can vary but an example would be £150.

We charge an additional fee of £15 plus VAT at the rate of 20% for archiving your file. If we have to carry out additional work to satisfy the Money Laundering Regulations, we shall charge an additional fee for that work. A typical fee for that would be £50 plus VAT at the rate of 20%.

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