A Simplified Divorce is a divorce using the simplified procedure in terms of the Court rules. It can be used for divorces on the grounds of one year separation with your spouse’s consent or two years separation where there are no children of the marriage under 16 years of age and neither party is making a financial claim in the proceedings. The procedure is straightforward so our fees and outlays are lower than normal divorce actions. We charge £200 plus VAT and outlays. There is an outlay for lodging the application with the Court as set by the Scottish Government and which can be found on the Court website. We ask that you provide the marriage certificate. Our fee is for all work directly related to the divorce action from taking instructions to obtaining extract decree.


We elect to charge a set fee for undefended divorce actions as the amount of work involved is more predictable than defended divorce actions. If the opponent in the case defends the action then all fees will be charged at our hourly rate. It is not always known at the outset whether a divorce action will be defended or not. Our fee is for all work directly related to the divorce action from the point of taking instructions to obtaining decree of divorce. We charge £695 plus VAT at the rate of 20%. We ask that you provide the marriage certificate and the birth certificates for any children of the marriage. There are outlays payable to the Court for lodging the writ and an affidavit fee. Again, they can be found on the Court website and are increased from time to time. There may be additional outlays such as instructing Sheriff Officers to serve Court papers. Sheriff Officers fees vary depending on the circumstances.


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