Notice to Landlords / Tenants

The Scottish Government passed an emergency law in March to protect renters in Scotland during coronavirus (COVID-19). This has recently been amended slightly and extended to 31 March 2021.

As a result, if your landlord starts the eviction process on or after 3 October 2020 and on or before 31 March 2021, they are bound by the new notice periods fixed.

In terms of the new law, the notice period during coronavirus emergency procedures will either be 6 months, 3 months, 2 months or 28 days.

Grounds that require 6 months’ notice

  • Mortgage default
  • Off season holiday let
  • Vacation let of student accommodation
  • Minister or lay missionary property
  • Re-development
  • Tenancy inherited under a will or intestacy
  • 3 months’ rent arrears
  • Tenant served notice to quit but didn’t leave
  • Persistent delay in paying rent
  • Some rent unpaid
  • Breach of tenancy condition
  • Deterioration of the house or common parts
  • Deterioration of condition of furniture
  • Ex-employees of the landlord

Grounds that require 3 months’ notice

  • Landlord wants to move into the home or it was previously their own home

Grounds that require 2 months’ notice

  • Suitable alternative accommodation available

Grounds that require 28 days’ notice

  • Nuisance or annoyance


For more information, see the full Government guidance