Your Biometric Information can now be taken to assist with UK Visa Applications Inside the UK

The UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services (UKVCAS) allow for ‘in-country’ Applicants to have their biometric information taken and submitted with their supporting documents to be processed alongside their application. In 2021, the UKVCAS began to trial reusing an Applicant’s biometric data from their previous application. The Applicant must have attended a biometric appointment previously and be applying from inside the UK. Not all applications allow for the re-use of biometric data.

After submitting your application and paying the necessary fees, the Applicant will receive an email within two weeks either inviting them to use the UKVCAS IDV mobile app or book a biometric appointment if their application does not qualify for the re-use of the information.

You will still be charged £19.20 for your biometric enrollment. This will be automatically added to your UKVI application processing fee. Your biometric information is still being enrolled and processed when using the UKVCAS IDV app.

You can download the UKVCAS IDV mobile app. However, your device must have a camera. Your email from UKVCAS will explain how to download the app. After signing into the app, you must then upload your supporting documents, and take a picture of your face and Passport.

We can handle this process on behalf of our clients, taking the stress out of applying for  UK Visa.  Let us know if we can help.

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Author | Rebecca Gray