The Immigration Services We Provide

Applying to Enter or Remain in the UK can be challenging. The rules are often difficult to understand and you must supply specific evidence to prove that you meet the immigration rules.

At Innes Johnston LLP we can prepare and submit an immigration application on your behalf, whether you are applying for the first time, extending your current visa, switching to a family-life visa, or applying to stay indefinitely. The types of applications we can help with are:

  1. Family Immigration Applications, including:
    a. As the Partner or a person present and settled in the UK;
    b. As the Parent of a child who is in the UK as a British citizen;
    c. As a Child, joining their parent in the UK;
    d. As the Fiancé of a person present and settled in the UK;
    e. On the basis of your private life, and family life.
  2. Citizenship Applications
  3. Registering your child as a British citizen
  4. Replacing your current Immigration Status document with a Biometric Residence Permit Card
  5. Standard Visitor Visa applications to allow your family members to visit you in the UK.

We charge a fixed fee for Immigration applications. The price is depending on the type and complexity of your application. We can advise you on this during the initial appointment. We will then send you a detailed list of the necessary documents and information we need to complete your application. After the completion of your application, we will upload the application and arrange your biometric appointment (if required) and submit your supporting documents online.

To seek our assistance on an Immigration application, please call 01592 757114 to arrange an appointment.

Other services we can provide are detailed on our website.

Author  |  Rebecca Gray